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When entrepreneurial minds meet, EPIC things happen.

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Articles

21 years ago, after coming back from serving the country as a US Navy Aviation Ordnanceman in Rota, Spain and recently graduating as an Industrial and Systems Engineer at FIU, Johnny Rojas met Alfredo Moran. Alfredo, a FIU Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering was a World Class Manufacturing Manager at U.S. Holdings. The two connected right off the bat.
4 years later, with great ideals and, above all, the commitment to take charge of their own paths in life, EPIC Consultants was born. The great relationship developed with Florida International University granted them EPIC’s first home – a small room within FIU College of Engineering & Computing and on that Thursday, November 13, 2003, Alfredo and Johnny set off to make their lives better by committing to the Continuous Improvement and growth of Miami businesses.
Since then, through challenges and crises EPIC always saw opportunities. In 2006, the strong relationship with FIU led to the development of External Programs at FIU College of Engineering and Computing: Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt, and the Supply Chain certification later on. In 2010, EPIC took on the opportunity to branch out into government construction contracts as a general contractor; incorporating the​ solid expertise brought in by David Moran to the innovative mindset derived from its Lean Management and Six Sigma experience.
Through the following ten years, with our core set on values of quality, honesty, and integrity, and our commitment to form long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients and our team, EPIC has grown and solidly established itself as a leader in both branches: General Contractor and Business & Process Improvement Solutions. Nonetheless, most of all, EPIC is proud of the friendships and partnerships it created along the way.
This year, EPIC Consultants faces another global crisis with its customary attitude of heading on and making it happen. 2020 has been a year for setting a new foundation in place for further growth and opportunities. EPIC has been investing in renovating its technological infrastructure preparing the field for higher data processing capabilities, strengthening its team and revamping its corporate image and presence.
It’s been 17 years, 17 EPIC years we must say, and we look forward for what lies ahead!
Let’s make it better!