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EPIC Consultants Announces Major Investment in Human and Process Capital.

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Articles

EPIC is investing $250,000 in the continuing growth of its employees and its processes leading to increased capabilities, efficiency, and capacity.

The pandemic opened a door of opportunity for us to transform many processes and challenge our knowledge base. Our COO and Founder Alfredo Moran Hassan emphasizes that, “If things are getting rough, what’s really important is to have vision, faith, and to identify that new thing we can focus on, which will make everything better.” So, through the challenging months, EPIC decided to stay true to its essence and not look at the difficulties but rather at the opportunities. To be at the forefront and generate a competitive advantage in this changing environment, we chose to first look inwards and focus on our core: People and Processes.

In January 2022, we kicked-off our change management strategy reviving our internal processes in coherence with the decision to fully implement the ISO Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems (9001, 45000 and 14000). To support the new processes and Management Systems, EPIC Consultants has invested in working with Procore and TargetGov on new information systems, along with substantial training programs to all employees in how to manage, operate and optimize them.

Additionally, over 50% of EPIC Consultants’ workforce is in the process of furthering their education with certifications such as Unlimited Electrical Contractor, ISO, PMP, Lean 6 Sigma, as well as graduate programs including MBAs and doctorates, all funded by EPIC. According to Marila Fernandez, a Construction Project Manager, “Having been part of EPIC Consultants for two months, I have already been able to not only acquire knowledge of the company processes and procedures to sustain performance and carry out the required tasks, but I have had the opportunity to grow as an individual and a professional. I am currently enrolled in two courses to obtain both, the PMP Certification as well as the Lean 6 sigma Green Belt.”

As a company, we understand that by giving employees the chance to build their skills, strength, and knowledge, we are adding value to their lives and to the work they do. In the words of Johnny Rojas, EPIC’s VP of Operations and Founder, “as a person, as an organization, as a country, or anything, the basis is education… The pursuit of knowledge is a fantastic thing. From that point on everything can happen.”

Education amplifies our capabilities as it benefits employees’ individual career paths. Learning and development opportunities improve productivity, engagement, and increases employee satisfaction. However, for EPIC, it’s a lot more than that. As Alfredo adds, “The fact that it is better for the company, that is a byproduct. In the end, it is a decision of the individual to honor us with their presence here, to share their knowledge with us. It’s more related to giving everybody the opportunity that we had to keep getting better, otherwise it would not be consistent to who we are.”

For EPIC, who also offers Lean 6 Sigma, Supply Chain, ISO Management, Team Facilitation, Project Leadership and other programs with Florida International University in Miami, “Continuous education is imbedded to our DNA. The fact that we are so closely associated with FIU is no coincidence,” says Alfredo. “Personally, I think that everyone needs to keep on growing, continuously improving. So, if we can afford it and actually make it happen, we are really happy to do so.”

Afterall, at EPIC, we’re in the business of making things better. Whether it is through consulting, professional development, or construction, we believe that a better world is built by people, organizations and structures that are in constant improvement. That’s who we are.