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A Guide To Our Consulting Services

Leading a company is extremely hard work. Not only do you have to set a direction for all of your employees and ensure that you are satisfying their needs while also keeping the company afloat, but you are also responsible for your company’s financials and any major decisions regarding your company’s processes. At EPIC Consultants, our goal is to build lasting relationships with each client, while providing solutions that make leading a company more efficient and successful.

Our team of experts at EPIC Consultants have the knowledge and experience you need to help you lead your team and implement solutions that will maximize value for your business. Many of our professionals hold PhDs, ISO Certifications, Lean Certifications, and more. EPIC Consultants deals in a variety of industries including service/transportation, general contractors, maintenance repair, and more. Our project managers have managed projects on both an international and national level.

Our goal is to help provide you with the tools necessary to run your company more smoothly. These tools include continuous improvement solutions as well as training and certifications. Our continuous improvement solutions provide you with a way to implement new leadership techniques that will save you money and improve your business processes. Our training programs offer the option to become certified in areas that will create a positive, lasting impact on your company’s methods. Read on to find out more information about the various types of consulting courses offered by EPIC Consultants.

Continuous Improvement Solutions

EPIC Consultants offers five different types of continuous improvement solutions:

  1. Lean Six Sigma: Aimed at reducing costs while increasing profits, Lean Six Sigma is the most popular methodology in history.

  2. ISO Quality Management Systems: ISO provides companies with a guide to implement, sustain, and improve their company’s management systems.

  3. Audits: EPIC Consultants offers guidance in a variety of audit types including quality management systems, industrial safety, inventory, and financial systems.

  4. Simulation: At EPIC, we believe that doing is better than showing, which is why we offer real-life simulations for money-saving, problem-solving, question-answering, and time-optimizing.

  5. Information Technology: Our Information Technology solution provides you with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) exposure to help you manage day-to-day business activities.

For more information regarding our continuous improvement solutions, visit our continuous solutions page. Contact EPIC Consultants to get started on improving your business processes today.

Training and Certifications

In partnership with Florida International University, EPIC Consultants offers a variety of training programs and certifications.

  1. Lean Construction: This training is designed to help you create efficiency in your construction projects by improving designs, contractor relationships, cost and schedule, and more. For more information about our lean construction certifications, visit our lean construction page.

  2. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: In addition to continuous improvement, we also offer Six Sigma Green Belt Certification that will provide a baseline certification that will provide you with the knowledge required to implement Six Sigma within your business. To learn more, read about our Green Belt Program here.

  3. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: For more advanced Six Sigma knowledge, our Black Belt Program provides clients with real-world experiences and practical knowledge needed to apply Six Sigma techniques to your business process. Click here to learn more.

  4. Supply Chain: Our supply chain certifications allow business leaders to make a positive financial impact on their organizations by improving supply chain methods.

For more information on our training and certification programs, contact EPIC Consultants today!

We aim to build rewarding relationships with our clients using our core values of quality, honesty, and integrity, which guide us in every project and client interaction. If you are a business leader looking to improve your company’s process and increase efficiency, contact EPIC Consultants today!