A Guide to EPIC Consultants’ Construction Services

Along with expert consulting services — including continuous improvement solutions and a variety of certifications and training, EPIC Consultants also provides construction services. If you are in need of construction solutions — including new construction, renovations, or restorations, contact us today. Read on for a comprehensive guide to all of our construction services, including construction project bids.

EPIC Consultants possess a variety of capabilities when it comes to construction projects, including the construction services themselves, as well as certifications and project management aspects.

First, let’s break it down in terms of construction services offered. EPIC Consultants specializes in renovations, restoration, and new construction projects. Whether you need to start from scratch, or add on to your current project, EPIC Consultants provides construction services including construction project bids.

EPIC Consultants can also provide project management, estimation, and lean construction services. Project management is a way to harvest knowledge and skills to meet all project requirements. This can include knowledge and skills regarding areas such as cost, quality, communications, procurement, and more.

One of the most important aspects of a construction project is the cost. Ensuring that the project falls within your company’s budget is a must, and EPIC Consultants can help you do just that. EPIC Consultants provides accurate construction estimation services to give you a better idea of whether or not the construction project is feasible based on your current budget. Each member on our team of experts holds at least ten years of experience in their respective fields, meaning they are able to provide highly accurate estimates.

In terms of lean construction, EPIC Consultants provides planning and implementation services, as well as certifications. Project planning allows you to get a better idea of how the construction project will be rolled out. You can learn more about cost, time, materials, number of people needed to complete your project, etc. The implementation portion is when you actually put the plan into action and begin work on the project.

EPIC Consultants provides assistance with both of these phases so that you can guarantee you are planning accurately and implementing your plan correctly. For more information regarding our construction capabilities, visit our construction page and contact EPIC Consultants today.

EPIC Consultants also offers a variety of construction certifications. From 8(a) to Professional Engineer #59432, we provide you with multiple certifications that allow you to gain the expertise necessary to implement your own construction projects. For a full listing of our construction certifications offered, visit our construction certifications page.

Some of our larger construction projects include the Miami International Airport Wall of Honor, the City of Coral Gables Adult Activity Center, and the GSA/Post Office minor space renovations. For more information about our new construction projects, renovations, and restorations, visit our projects page or contact EPIC Consultants today.

Our goal at EPIC Consultants is to form long-lasting, collaborative, and mutually rewarding relationships with each client we serve. We strive to meet your expectations each time you interact with our team.

If you need professional construction services, contact EPIC Consultants today. Our experienced team has the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to help you lead your business successfully.