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What is Business-to-Business Consulting?

As a key player in your organization, you’ve realized by now that growth is critical to your success. Whether you’re growing by number of employees, number of clients, or increasing exposure to your product or service — any form of growth will help your company not only survive, but thrive. However, growth isn’t always easy to achieve, as there are many factors that can impede it. Factors such as inefficient policies or practices, a fear of change, complexity, and more can affect whether or not your business grows.

Business-to-business (B2B) is a model that focuses on selling products or services to other companies. So, instead of targeting the general public for consulting, EPIC Consultants targets other companies in an effort to help support and improve their internal efforts.

Business-to-business consulting provides a way for you to create strategies to tackle these impediments and continue to grow your company. EPIC Consultants offers business-to-business consulting to help leaders and key players understand how to formulate efficient, sustainable strategies.

Through continuous improvement and training programs, EPIC Consultants offers a unique way for business owners and managers like you to better understand how to lead in the markets which they compete.

What Does Business-to-Business Consulting Do?

Training courses and continuous improvement modules used in business-to-business consulting assist top business leaders in finding ways to improve their processes and long-term strategies. With solutions including Lean Six Sigma, ISO Management Systems, Simulation, Information Technology, and more, EPIC Consultants aims to revolutionize the way leaders integrate various management methodologies into their businesses.

With focuses on anything from audits to information technology, business-to-business consulting allows upper-level leaders to hone in on specific processes that improve management efficiency.

In addition to continuous improvement solutions, training programs and certifications allow leaders to apply concepts that improve financials and general performance. In partnership with Florida International University, EPIC Consultants offers tailored, personalized consulting courses that provide real-world experience for business leaders. Successful implementations of our training and certifications include companies such as Baptist Health South Florida, AAR, Beckman Coulter, and more.

Why Should You Use Business-to-Business Consulting?

As a top leader in your organization, improving processes is a large aspect of your job. So, what specific processes can B2B consulting improve? Well, that depends on what processes your business needs help improving. EPIC Consultants offers support and guidance for a wide range of processes.

Our continuous improvement solutions provide options such as Lean Six Sigma and ISO Quality Management Systems that aim to decrease costs while improving profits. They offer companies a guide to implementing integrated management systems for an increase in quality, environmental consciousness, security, and more.

More specifically, our supply chain training creates a positive financial impact by focusing solely on improving supply chain processes. Depending on which area(s) your business needs improvement in, EPIC Consultants will help you determine the best plan of action.

If you are a business leader looking to integrate new management techniques or improve specific processes throughout your business to promote growth, EPIC Consultants can help. Contact us today to learn more about our continuous improvement solutions and training and certifications.