Epic Consultants

REG Justice Building – New Cooling and Fire Suppression System – Video Room


Miami-Dade County


1351 NW 12 Street, Miami, FL



Total Value

$ 268,848
Work included the removal and disposal of existing variable air volume box and air diffusers serving the video recording room and capping of existing ductwork. Also, the removal of the acoustical ceiling, light fixtures, and door.

The new work included a new four (4) ton capacity stand alone, dual coil (direct expansion and chilled water) server room a/c unit with associated chilled water piping and electrical connections. Furnish a new FM200 fire suppressions system and a new pre-action fire protection system. Provide a new glass door, concrete pad, metal ceiling, light fixtures and paint. All new systems had to be integrated to the building fire alarm system. All new systems including the cooling system, FM200 and preaction system had to be commissioned prior to turn over to the owner.

The video recording room was fully operational during construction. We had to work after hours to prevent any disruption to the courthouse facility. Background checks were provided on all persons requiring access to the facility.