Epic Consultants

MIA Building 3094 Stair Structural Repair


Miami-Dade Aviation Department


Miami International Airport

City, State

Miami, FL


10206055 WO #12


Total Value





March 1, 2022


The work consisted of repairing and retrofitting four stairwells in MIA Airport Bldg. 3094 and included permit fees/inspections. Removed all roofing systems from the four stairwells and installed new roofing systems, including all accessories. Repaired and sealed all landings indicated and treads indicated, and/or replaced all damaged stair steel pans, stringers, and ledger angles, and replaced 2 metal doors with frames and hardware. Sealed all concrete surface cracks. Repair and/or replace exposed rebars. Clean all exposed rebars and repair concrete spalls with new cementous materials. Repaired all the damaged joint sealants, precast concrete panels, expansion joints, stucco damage in the stairwells, door frames, cleaned all interior wall surfaces of the stairwells, and concrete with HD detergent. Water pressure on all interior surfaces of the stairwells. Painted the interior walls of the stairwells, railings and hand railings, doors, and door frames.