Epic Consultants

Historic Fort Norfolk Building # 2 Windows Replacement


Department of the Army Corps of Engineers - Norfolk District


Fort Norfolk

City, State

Norfolk, VA


W9123621C5048 WO #1


Total Value




October 1, 2021


The work was performed under the Department of the Army Norfolk District Corps of Engineers and consisted of the replacement of double-hung wooden frame windows and doorframes, located on the Historical Fort Norfolk. This is a historic building and we performed the work in accordance with the contract requirements to not disturb existing surfaces and preserve its original condition. Access to the base had to be coordinated with the contracting officer during the period of construction. During the demolition of existing windows, we had to temporarily close up the opening to maintain the integrity of the building until new windows were installed. The work was performed on time and within budget. Replacement of 23 double-hung wooden frame windows and door frames, which included demolition and construction in order to remove and complete replacement.

Fort Norfolk is the last remaining of a series of fortifications built in 1794 by President George Washington to protect 19 American harbors.

Its earthen walls with wood and brick supports were upgraded in 1807, to the brick and masonry walls and buildings seen today at the fort.