Epic Consultants

Medical Examiner HVAC Equipment Replacement


The project consisted of the replacement of two chilled water air handling units at the Medical Examiner Facility including an energy recovery unit (ERU). Work was performed in an occupied space and required that we erect a dust control measures in an effort to isolate the disruption of construction and our personnel from the rest of the building. Furthermore, due to the security of this facility, our personnel were required to submit background checks before we could access the facility.
We had to remove and dispose of the chilled water air handling units and associated ductwork, piping, louvers, dampers and accessories in a predetermined sequence through the roof and bring the new units in parts due to the limitations of access from the roof and inside the building as well. We also had to remove and dispose of the existing energy recovery units and related ductwork and fans, as well as the hot water coils for the autopsy room, and demolition of wall mesh partitions, ceiling, and electrical conduits and wires.
The Medical Examiner Facility operates 24/7 and we provided a temporary 60 tons air cooled chiller including an ATS and a 300 kw generator to maintain the building operational during the shutdown of the air handling units.
The new work included concrete, drywall, removal of doors, new air handling units (AHU-2 and AHU-3), louvers, new energy recovery unit, fans, connection to building fire alarm and use of crane to set the units on the roof so we can bring units inside the mechanical room.