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About Us

At EPIC we’re in the business of making things better. Whether it is through consulting, education or construction, we believe that a better world is built by people, organizations and structures that are in constant improvement, always getting better.

EPIC Consultants was founded in 2003 as a consulting firm in continuous improvement. With its solid expertise in Engineering and an innovative mindset derived from its Lean 6 Sigma experience, in 2010, EPIC successfully branched out to perform construction contracts with the public sector.

Since then, with our core set on values of quality, honesty and integrity, and our commitment to form long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients, EPIC has grown and solidly established itself as a leader in both branches:

  • NBusiness & Process Improvement
  • NGeneral Contracting

Our office is located in Miami, Florida. From here, our Consultants, Project Managers and Construction Team have managed local and international projects in a wide range of clients in a variety of industries, consistently meeting our customer’s requirements and exceeding their expectations .

Whether you are looking for professional consulting services to help your business reach new levels of success, you’re in search of an experienced project management team to implement solutions within your company or you are a public entity looking for a solid construction team to meet your expansion needs, our team can help.

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What We
Believe In

We believe that our reason for being is in the continuous development of ourselves, our team and our clients.

We believe that quality, honesty and integrity are a strong foundation for success.

We believe the best opportunities in life come from challenges and hard work.

We believe in the power of learning and sharing knowledge.

We believe in the strength of honest, cooperative and long-term relationships.

We believe a better world comes from better organizations and better people.

We believe “better” is a constant strive, everyone and everything can (and should) always be better

What makes
us different?

  • NThe utmost commitment to our customers, whatever it takes, really.

At EPIC we are in the business of making things better so that includes anything we can do to make your process better.

  • NA win-win aproach with all our partners

We are firm that the only way to build honest, cooperative and long-term relationships is through mutual benefit and growth. So, at EPIC, we not only make it better, we make it better for everyone involved.


Let’s make it better?