Lean Six Sigma Approach to Business Growth

EPIC Consultants Uses the Most Popular Management System

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Organizations everywhere are implementing this methodology.

Lean Six Sigma is one of the most popular management methodologies in history. That’s why EPIC Consultants uses this approach when working with your company, and even offers training and Lean Six Sigma certifications. When you work with our experienced and knowledgeable business consultants, you can rest assured that you are learning from some of the best in the industry. To learn more about the Lean Six Sigma approach to business management, contact EPIC Consultants today.

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Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

  • Define your process and your problem

  • Measure your business’ current performance

  • Analyze the process for issues and causes

  • Implement improvements

  • Control and maintain the improved process

The Lean Six Sigma


Reducing costs and improving profits – validated in the financial statements

Expected ROI: 3-4x



“EPIC provided us the guidance and the know how to elevate our game. If you’re serious about making an improvement in your business processes, EPIC is a great asset!”

– Javier Mesa, General Manager

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"In every project EPIC has delivered outstanding results.”

– Jorge Garcia, President

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“The depth of the knowledge was highly beneficial. Opportunities to utilize their services expanded beyond the scope of the initial requisition. Services were tailored to meet our differing customer requirements matching the voice of the audience. Very detailed and priority on exceeding customer expectations.”

– Juan Madariaga, COO


– Jesse Zarate, Director of Global Operations

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