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■ Miami International Airport

■ Jackson Health System
■ Miami Dade County Medical Examiner Morgue

■ Miami Dade County Public Housing
■ Miami-Dade County
■ City of Coral Gables

Higher Education
■ Florida International University





The project consisted of the replacement of two chilled water air handling units at the Medical Examiner Facility including an energy recovery unit (ERU). Work was performed in an occupied space and required that we erect a dust control measures in an effort to isolate the disruption of construction and our personnel from the rest of the building. Furthermore, due to the security of this facility, our personnel were required to submit background checks before we could access the facility.

We had to remove and dispose of the chilled water air handling units and associated ductwork, piping, louvers, dampers and accessories in a predetermined sequence through the roof and bring the new units in parts due to the limitations of access from the roof and inside the building as well. We also had to remove and dispose of the existing energy recovery units and related ductwork and fans, as well as the hot water coils for the autopsy room, and demolition of wall mesh partitions, ceiling, and electrical conduits and wires.

The Medical Examiner Facility operates 24/7 and we provided a temporary 60 tons air cooled chiller including an ATS and a 300 kw generator to maintain the building operational during the shutdown of the air handling units.

The new work included concrete, drywall, removal of doors, new air handling units (AHU-2 and AHU-3), louvers, new energy recovery unit, fans, connection to building fire alarm and use of crane to set the units on the roof so we can bring units inside the mechanical room.


Work included the interior metal framing, doorframes, wall insulation, drywall, and acoustical ceiling. We also took on additional task such as concrete work and structural steel to support the mechanical units mounted on the roof.

The hospital remained fully functional during construction and the entire work had to be divided into phases. There were a total of five phases for this work. ICRA walls had to be erected and maintained to keep debris, noise and dust particle from the construction side from entering the active hospital areas.


Epic Consultants was contracted to perform the interior/exterior metal framing, drywall, wall insulation, drywall, stucco and EFS systems. The construction management team for this project was W.G. Yates and we were a subcontractor to them.

As part of the project, we participated in weekly Lean Construction Planning including Pull Plan, 5S and 6 Weeks Look Ahead. Our field superintendent in conjunction with our project manager participated in the lean sessions that brought all trades together for proper planning and coordination. To improve coordination among all trades, each floor was divided by section and each trade made a work plan stating the crew size and area that they would be working on each week. The total cost of the new hospital was approximately $300 million.


We had to provide turnkey type installation, all labor, materials, equipment as required for the completion of the Wall of Honor. The work consisted of temporary walls, demolition of existing stainless steel/glass cladding panels, verification of existing framed wall to ensure support of new stone panels and laminam. We provided new polished absolute black granite panels with light weight aluminum honeycomb backing and fiber reinforced epoxy skin. Provide stainless steel trims, new Armed Forces Seal emblems, new stainless steel characters, engrave granite panels and flag.

This monument consisted of the names of military soldiers who gave their life in the fight against terrorism who were part of South Florida.


Work included the removal and disposal of existing variable air volume box and air diffusers serving the video recording room and capping of existing ductwork. Also, the removal of the acoustical ceiling, light fixtures, and door.

The new work included a new four (4) ton capacity stand alone, dual coil (direct expansion and chilled water) server room a/c unit with associated chilled water piping and electrical connections. Furnish a new FM200 fire suppressions system and a new pre-action fire protection system. Provide a new glass door, concrete pad, metal ceiling, light fixtures and paint. All new systems had to be integrated to the building fire alarm system. All new systems including the cooling system, FM200 and preaction system had to be commissioned prior to turn over to the owner.

The video recording room was fully operational during construction. We had to work after hours to prevent any disruption to the courthouse facility. Background checks were provided on all persons requiring access to the facility.

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