Articles Manufacturing investments Manufacturing investments face flexibility, sustainability and talent concerns Jan/2020 Epic Lean 6 Sigma Forum EPIC Lean 6 Sigma Forum Feb/2020 Covid 19 COVID 19 – Do you have a Crisis Management Strategy? Mar/2020 Got time Got Time? Value-added Tools that you can Implement May/2020 Meeting sucks Meetings suck – and now they’re even worse! Jun/2020 ERP From ERP to Machine Learning and Back Jul/2020 Team Harvesting Results with Continuous Improvement Aug/2020 DTT Coaching The Road to CARF Accreditation Through the Lens of DTT Coaching Sep/2020 Welwaze Welwaze meets ISO: A Promise of Quality Oct/2020 Seventeen years When entrepreneurial minds meet, EPIC things happen. Nov/2020 ISO part 1 ISO as a strategic decision – PART 1:  Commitment to Excellence Jan/2021 ISO Part 2 ISO as a strategic decision – PART 2:   Trends of the Trade Jan/2021 Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt pushes your performance and career to the next level. Feb/2021 Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management is key for business recovery and growth. Apr/2021
EPIC’s Publications Supply Chain video Click here to watch the video “Why you should care about Supply Chain Management”
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